More Laptops How-To

  • Use a netbook as a server

    netbook server 550

    Guide to using a netbook as a server | Netbook server advice

    15 Aug 2013

  • How to buy a laptop for college


    Light. Fast. Not too expensive. Study up on the most important specs for long days at class and long nights at the library.

    09 Aug 2013

  • Roll back to Windows 7 from Windows 8

    Windows 8

    Install Windows 7 on a Windows 8 PC

    18 Jul 2013

  • Extend Gmail with labs


    Tools are available from Google that allow you to add new features to Gmail. Try them out for free

    08 Jul 2013

  • 3D printing from your laptop or PC


    3D printing is coming to the desktop - courtesy of Windows 8.1 - allowing you to make the design and creation of custom 3D objects as easy as printing out a photo

    05 Jul 2013

  • How to find a lost or stolen laptop

    lojack web 1

    We compare tracking services for recovering lost or stolen laptops

    04 Jul 2013

  • Use your laptop as a second monitor


    With AirDisplay you can use your laptop as a second monitor over your computer network

    02 Jul 2013

  • How to create and edit music on your laptop


    Taking advantage of the new range of touchscreen laptops are a host of music making apps that allow you to record your own tunes using on-screen instruments

    01 Jul 2013

  • Windows 8 video app of the week: 4oD

    digital home

    4oD allows you to watch not only current shows, but also TV programmes from Channel 4's vast archive

    01 Jul 2013

  • Customise your Windows 8 laptop


    Customise Windows 8 to add your personal touch to your laptop

    01 Jul 2013

  • Become an internet sensation by making a vlog

    digital home

    There’s no need for a fancy studio or expensive lighting and audio equipment either, it’s possible to become an internet sensation using just your laptop or tablet

    30 Jun 2013

  • How to get free online storage


    These days it’s difficult to go somewhere and not be able to connect to the internet so keeping all your documents online is much more achievable.

    29 Jun 2013

  • Controlling your home with your laptop

    digital home

    Invest in home control equipment and use a laptop or tablet to control the devices in your house through the power of the network

    28 Jun 2013

  • Use a network drive to store everything centrally


    With a network drive all the computers in your house can access all the music, video and other documents you might have without needing to switch rooms

    26 Jun 2013

  • Video conferencing on your Windows 8 laptop


    Communication has never been easier thanks to Windows 8 and the host of video conferencing options available.

    26 Jun 2013

  • Recover your laptop with tracking software


    Tracking software might sound a bit draconian, but it has genuinely helped people be reunited with stolen laptops

    25 Jun 2013

  • How to clean your laptop/tablet screen


    The curse of the greasy, fingerprint covered screen is something many computer users are becoming aware of as more and more devices are touch enabled

    24 Jun 2013

  • Convertible laptops and the joy of text

    tablets 2

    One of the advantages of turning your laptop into a tablet is that it makes reading books much more comfortable

    21 Jun 2013

  • Watch TV on your laptop remotely using Slingbox

    digital home

    Slingbox is a network video tool that allows you to take your home TV setup with you no matter where you are in the world

    13 Jun 2013

  • How your Windows 8 laptop stays connected when in sleep mode

    Windows architecture

    One of the latest technologies in modern laptops can increase the life of your battery and keeping your PC up-to-date all in one go

    13 Jun 2013

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