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  • What's the Best CPU Temperature?

    best cpu temperature

    Here are the processor temperatures you should aim for when gaming and idling

    06 Aug 2019

  • How to fix a laptop battery not charging

    how to fix laptop battery not charging

    Try our quick tips to fix your laptop battery charging problems

    30 Jul 2019

  • Is My Hard Drive Failing?

    is my hard drive dying 1600

    Avoid losing precious data by checking the state of your hard drive (and backing up your files)

    29 Jul 2019

  • How to disable your webcam and microphone

    how to disable your webcam and microphone in windows

    Your webcam could be used by hackers to spy on you. We show you how to stop them

    26 Jul 2019

  • How to Protect your Computer from ZombieLoad Attack

    how to protect pc zombieload attack

    Windows, Mac and Linux PCs running post-2011 Intel processors are vulnerable to ZombieLoad

    15 May 2019

  • How to set a default graphics card


    Select which graphics card you'd like to assign to programs and games

    03 May 2019

  • How to update Kodi


    Kodi has released its new v18.2 build, named Leia, and we show you how to update your devices to the latest version

    24 Apr 2019

  • How to add a graphics card to your laptop

    razer blade1

    We answer this commonly asked question about laptop graphics

    18 Apr 2019

  • How to protect your PC from CCleaner hack

    protect pc ccleaner hack

    Some 2.27 million PC users have been affected by a CCleaner attack in August. Here's how to stay safe

    16 Apr 2019

  • 12 Things To Do With An Old Computer

    how to reuse an old computer

    Uses for an old computer that don't involve the bin

    26 Mar 2019

  • How to watch TV on your laptop or PC

    how to watch tv on laptop or pc main

    You can watch live TV as well as on-demand shows on your laptop, phone and other devices

    29 Jan 2019

  • How to use Dark Mode in Windows 10

    how to use dark mode in windows 10 main

    Leave tired eyes behind using the new Windows 10 Dark Mode

    27 Dec 2018

  • Live: Xiaomi UK Launch Live Stream

    xiaomi uk launch 1600

    Xiaomi enters the UK market today - click here to watch the live stream

    08 Nov 2018

  • How To Back Up Data For Free

    how to back up data for free

    Backing up important data can be a quick, simple and free process

    31 Oct 2018

  • How to turn on WiFi in Windows 10

    fix windows 10 wi fi adapter settings

    Quickly adjust your Wi-Fi settings and fix adapter problems

    29 Oct 2018

  • How to hide Windows taskbar

    how to hide windows taskbar main

    Get more screen space by making the Windows taskbar hide itself

    12 Sep 2018

  • How to add new users in Windows 10

    how to add new users in windows 10 main

    Share your PC without worrying about your settings or data. We show you how to set up additional user accounts

    11 Sep 2018

  • How to run Windows apps on a Chromebook

    how to run windows apps on chromebooks main3

    Use your favourite Windows apps on a Chromebook

    04 Sep 2018

  • How to Get Cheap Wi-Fi Abroad

    mywebspot cheap wifi abroad 1600

    MyWebspot lets you hire Wi-Fi abroad at much cheaper prices than hotels and resorts typically offer

    08 Aug 2018

  • How to access BIOS in Windows 10

    how to access bios on windows 10 main

    Find and change BIOS settings on your Windows 10 PC

    01 Aug 2018

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