If you're a blogger or follow lots of bloggers on social media, you may have noticed a new craze sweeping the web called CovetMe. Here, we explain what it is and how you can use it to earn shopping vouchers. See: How to start a blog

What is CovetMe?

CovetMe is a new social tool that's designed to reward bloggers and others who are particularly active on social media for promoting fashion products. By sharing tracked links and photos from CovetMe, bloggers can earn points towards shopping vouchers  and rewards for brands including Asos, Net-A-Porter, Zara, Urban Outfitters and more.

You can share individual products or a photograph of an outfit with links to similar clothes, shoes and accessories that can help others recreate the look.

The more clicks you get on the tracked links you share, the more points you'll generate towards those vouchers.

There is a slight issue in that everyone suddenly started using it, and it looks like people behind CovetMe kind of underestimated the blogging community. It's not particularly difficult to get enough points to earn vouchers, and before they knew it everyone was requesting vouchers that the company couldn't provide immediately.

Visiting the Covet.Me homepage at the moment, you'll be faced with the following message:


So CovetMe has succeeded where Kim K's bottom failed…

Dear Users,

Due to the overwhelming support and enthusiasm of the Fashion Blogger Network, we have scaled on a level that most startups can only dream of.

We are aware that a huge number of you are waiting for vouchers, and are working through this as fast as we can. We thank you for your continuous patience, and are so happy that CovetMe has captured your imagination."

We know that CovetMe has sent out many of the vouchers that were requested, but we're sure that something is going to change to prevent the same thing from happening again in the future. It appears that the creators of CovetMe were a little too generous, giving you 50 points for signing up, 5 points for every click, extra points for sharing popular Covets and 250 points for referring a friend. It only took 650 points to get a £10 voucher.

There were also several loopholes that allowed users to rack up points in a matter of minutes. The blogger community is a pretty friendly place, so everyone decided to help out by exchanging clicks and bam, 500 bloggers had enough points for £300 worth of vouchers within an hour or two.  

Emails were sent to those who've requested vouchers that suggest the company is running checks to find out who's been using the service legitimately, but we're not sure exactly how they'll be able to determine that. However, we do think that there will soon be new rules in place to make it more difficult to earn vouchers in the future. Sorry folks.

How to use Covet.Me

Things have changed a little on Covet.Me now. At time of writing, the rewards available include a £50 Look Fantastic voucher for 3350 points, a £50 Urban Outfitters voucher for 3350 points, a £75 Look Fantastic voucher for 5025 points, and £100 vouchers for mytheresa.com or Urban Outfitters for 6650 points.

It looks like something's changed a little when it comes to earning those points, too. Users are reporting that clicks equal less points, and friend referrals have been reduced to 50 points.

To start earning, you'll need to go to Covet.Me and sign up for the service. Once your account has been activated, you can paste a product URL into the search box, search for a particular product, or upload a picture and tag products using a URL or searching for a similar product. 

You can add a short description of what you like about the product, and once you're happy click 'Done'.

You've now generated a trackable link that'll start earning you points. Share it to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google Plus straight from the website, or copy and paste the link into your blog, onto Instagram or wherever else you want to share it.

You'll be able to see all of your Covets by clicking View Profile in the drop down menu that appears beneath your name on the CovetMe website. Hover over them to see how many points they've earned you and to share them again.

Once you think you've got enough points to earn yourself a reward, click 'See all rewards," and then choose from the available vouchers. Click 'Trade' and it's simply a case of waiting for your voucher code to show up in your inbox before you can start spending it.

There's currently no way to see which rewards you've requested, but the team says that as long as you saw the confirmation message pop up when you requested it you'll get your vouhcer directly from the retailer eventually, unless you hear otherwise from CovetMe themselves.

We've reached out to Covet.Me to find what's changed with the points system, so we'll update this article when we hear back from them with more information on how effectively use Covet.Me to earn shopping vouchers.