Want to watch Premier League matches live without a Sky Sports contract? It's easier than you think, and totally legal so here's how.

In the UK, no Premier League matches are shown for free on terrestrial TV channels like BBC or ITV. You’ll have to pay something, whether it’s on contract or a pay as you go basis in order to watch the full Premier League season in your own home, though there are ways to watch individual matches for free.

Many matches are shown on Sky, but there are always plenty of ways to watch the Premier League without a Sky Sports contract. For example, you can pay via Now TV fairly cheaply on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Games are also available on BT Sport and, for the first time this season, Amazon Prime Video.

Skip down to information on VPNs and how to watch the Premier League if you're abroad.

Premier League fixture list and TV channel

Here’s the official Premier League fixture list for the 2019/20 season. The official schedule is an easy place to see what games are on what TV channels (if at all) - Sky Sport, BT Sport, and for a few days, Amazon Prime Video.

Here are the big games for this weekend (or occasionally weekdays) with kick-off times and TV channels:

Coronavirus update: All Premier League games have been suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak. All fixtures are postoned until 4 April at the earliest.

The measure was agreed following an "emergency club meeting" in light of Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta and Chelsea midfielder Callum Hodson-Odoi confirming they had tested positive for the virus.

How to watch the Premier League on Sky Sports

For many years Sky dominated Premier League broadcasts in the UK. It now shares duties with BT Sport, but Sky shows more matches in a season – 128 to be precise (two more than last season). These are split across various kick-off times on different days of the week.

If you are new to Sky you can purchase Sky Q from £22 per month and then an extra £18 for Sky Sports

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How to watch the Premier League online

If you don't want to commit to a long-term Sky contract, Now TV has a pay as you go Sky Sports Pass option that lets you pay for either a day, week or month of Sky Sports.

A day pass costs £8.99 and lasts 24 hours from purchase, so you’ll want to be canny about when you activate it to ensure you see the matches you want.

A week pass cots £14.99 and gets you (unsurprisingly) 7 days, while the month pass costs £33.99 per month and rolls on to the next month unless you cancel it. You can also get mobile month pass for £5.99 per month if you're happy with five channels and watching on your smartphone screen.

A new addition is the Season Ticket which is 10 months worth for £199 - saving you over £140 vs the month pas.

Note that all Now TV packages just gives you access to Sky coverage but that means you can watch other sport such as Formula 1, too. You can't use Now TV to watch BT Sport.

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You can then watch the action for as long as you've paid for on your browser, on the TV app or on the mobile app.

How to watch the Premier League on BT Sport

BT Sport has successfully built a brand and muscled in on Sky Sports' turf in the past few years. It has the rights to show 52 live Premier League matches. Not as many as Sky, but BT owns exclusive rights to all Champions League and Europa League coverage, so swings and roundabouts.

If you don’t currently have BT Sport or use BT Broadband then you can sign up to BT Broadband and get BT Sport for free. Alternatively, you can opt to get BT Sport added to your Sky package for £25 per month if you’re already a Sky customer.

If you’re already a BT customer then it’s pretty easy to add BT Sport

BT Sport is also now offering Monthly Passes, considered to be a direct competitor to Now TV.

For £25 a month, you can now get unlimited access to BT Sport contract-free, including the 4K-enabled BT Sport Ultimate. The flexibility across devices remains, as it can be used on all the Smart TVs, consoles, tablets and phones that are available to paid subscribers. See all the details here.

How to watch the Premier League abroad

If you want to watch Premier League football from outside the UK then chances are you already have great options – 3pm UK time matches on a Saturday are usually shown abroad unlike in England, so you can probably see even more football than British viewers. 

If you're a British viewer going abroad and you still want to watch using your existing UK services, then you can also use a VPN to 'browse from the UK' and access Sky Sports, Now TV, or BT Sport as usual. 

Nord VPN is one of our top recommendations, but you can check out our best VPN chart, which shows you some of the best services for accessing UK content from abroad.