You won't be able to watch online video content on a Windows 7 64bit PC if you have the wrong version of Adobe Flash installed. Our Helproom Expert explains.

QUESTION I recently purchased an Acer laptop running Windows 7 64bit. I'm unable to play BBC iPlayer programmes on it, however, since the service requires Adobe Flash Player and it's not available for Windows 7 64bit. How can I get around this and use iPlayer to watch video or TV programmes that require Flash player? Phil Reading

HELPROOM ANSWER Adobe Flash Player most certainly is available for Windows 7 64bit, but you must ensure that you download the correct version. Point your browser to and your OS and browser should be automatically detected.

Here, we're using an English copy of a 64bit version of Windows and running Internet Explorer. If, for some reason, the information displayed is incorrect, simply click 'Do you have a different operating system or browser?'. This will take you to a page where you can manually select the 64bit version.

If this installation doesn't work for you then follow Adobe's troubleshooting guidelines. These will take you through the process of removing any old Flash Player components, as well as tweaking browser settings that may be preventing the installation.

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