Stranger Things 2 has only recently hit our TVs, but Netflix has now officially confirmed Season 3 will happen. The Duffer brothers had already suggested that they would continue with Stranger Things beyond Season 2, creating a third and fourth season. The fourth season will be the last.

Stranger Things had fans gripped in 2016 as residents of Hawkins banded together to rescue Will from the Upside Down. The finale left many questions unanswered, which we were all hoping to see answered in Stranger Things 2 when it launched on 27 October 2017 (we won't give away any secrets if you haven't caught up yet).

How to watch Stranger Things & Stranger Things 2 free

Stranger Things is a Netflix exclusive, which means you’ll either need to subscribe to Netflix or find a friend who already has done. Alternatively, if you’re prepared to watch the series quickly enough you can simply sign up for a month’s free trial at

If you do decide to subscribe, one of the great things about Netflix is you can cancel at any time. Netflix charges a monthly subscription, the cheapest of which is £5.99. You can pay extra to enable Netflix streaming on more than one device at a time (you can watch on your laptop, PC, TV, tablet or phone) and to unlock HD and Ultra-HD content.

Simply log in and use the Search function or look under Netflix Originals for Stranger Things, then tap to play. 

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