After years in beta, the Gmail undo send feature is available for the masses and you can stop those drunken or just badly judged emails getting through. We're going to help you to never be in that position again and show you how to recall or take back an email in Google's Gmail.

You may already see this setting in action on your account, as a part of Gmail's ongoing updates, but we'll walk you through how to check if you're unsure, or if you want to extend how long you have until your can recall your message. 

You'll have to be fairly on the ball with recalling your email, as you'll get up to 30 seconds to change your mind.

It works by simply delaying the delivery of the email giving you a window of time before the message actually goes through. Of course, this means that it might not work if you have a connection issue when you hit Undo.

Another thing to keep in mind is Gmail no longer allows you to deactivate the Undo Send option once it's active.

How to undo send in Gmail

1. Log into your Gmail account and click the cog wheel at the top right, select Settings.

How to undo send in gmail

2. Under the General tab (the default page) choose how much time you want to have to "Undo" a sent email. You can return here if you want to change this time allowance in future.

How to undo send in gmail

3. Hit Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

How to undo send in gmail

4. Now when you send an email, you'll have the option to Undo and to View Message at the bottom left of the Inbox. Hit Undo within the time limit and the recipient will never know you sent it.

How to undo send in gmail

5. You'll see a "Sending Undone" confirmation once you've recalled your email. Your message will now return to a Draft view.

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