If you're having trouble connecting to YouTube it could be that the site is experiencing problems. We show you how to check if the service is down.

Check you’re running the latest version of the app

If you are accessing YouTube via its app on iOS, Android, your TV or a streaming box or games console, then the first thing to do is check whether you’re using the most up to date version of the app.

To do this, visit the relevant app store on your device then search for the YouTube app. If you see the option to update, do so.

When this is completed, you might find that regular service is restored once more.

Check your connection

Another potential problem could be your internet connection. To check this, open a new tab and navigate to a site that you don’t normally visit. This is to avoid the browser loading a cached version of the site that it has saved locally.

If you can reach the site without problems, then it looks like your connection is working. Otherwise you might need to reboot your router or try turning off Wi-Fi on your device and then putting it back on again to see if that clears the problem. 

Visit an independent status-checking site

With all potential local culprits ruled out, there’s a real possibility that the site itself is indeed having problems. The easiest way to find out is to use one of the many status-checking sites online. These monitor traffic and server details for all websites and can usually let you know if a particular one is down or running very slowly.

Some of the most popular are Is It Down Or Just Me?, Down Detector, Is It Down Right Now?, and Is The Service Down?

is youtube down

Each of these will provide up to date information on the status or YouTube, and some will even show performance history for the last few days and weeks. They’re free to use and well worth bookmarking in your browser. 

And that’s it. A few quick ways to see whether YouTube is currently available. Of course, if it should be having trouble and you want something to keep you entertained, then you might want to check out our Best movies on Netflix, Best TV shows on Netflix, Best movies to watch on NowTV, and Best Netflix alternatives guides.