Sky offers a comprehensive range of broadband, TV, and mobile phone services throughout the UK. While this makes it an attractive proposition for many people, it can also mean that when the network suffers disruption it can be bad news for customers. Here’s how to check what’s happening if you’re having problems with your Sky service.

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Why is my Sky not working?

There could be a number of reasons why you’re experiencing problems with your Sky service. If it’s the broadband that’s the problem then it might be worth checking your router to see if there are indications of a problem. Try turning it off for about 30 seconds then back on again. Sometimes this simple act can clear up issues without the need for more technical methods.

If you can access the internet through another route, either the mobile data connection on your phone or a public WiFi hotspot, then you should head to the Sky Service Status page as it will tell you of any known problems across all of its products.

is sky down

You can also log into your Sky account to see if there are any difficulties pertaining to your service, and there’s also a box where Sky Talk customers can enter their phone number to check their lines are operational.

Should this not be working at all, then there are several reliable third-party websites that check the status of company servers. We recommend Down Detector, Is It Down or Just Me, and Is It Down Right Now.

Why is Sky Mobile not working?

Sky Mobile users can also find help on the Sky Service Status page by clicking on the 'Check Sky Mobile Service' option at the bottom of the page. This opens up a text box where you’ll be required to enter your postcode or address to see if there are any regional issues.  

How do I contact Sky?

If the above methods don’t prove successful, then it’s a good idea to visit the Sky Help page. Here you can enter the specific services and products that are causing you grief, with Sky then hopefully able to advise you on how to proceed.

Those who prefer to deal directly with a person rather than a website can contact Sky’s customer helpline on 0333 7591 018.