It used to be hard to run a VPN service on the Amazon Fire TV Stick but these days it's really easy. Many of the popular VPNs now have apps available in the Appstore so the trickiest part is entering your username and password. 

In any case, we'll explain step-by-step how to get a VPN up and running on your Fire Stick or Fire TV - this also works on the Fire TV Cube.

Before you skip straight to the instructions, do you have a first-gen Fire TV Stick? If you do, you will find a smaller selection as some apps aren't compatible with the older hardware. You can easily tell if you have an original Fire Stick by its remote control:

How to install a VPN of Fire Stick

Why use a VPN?

Netflix is one of the main reasons to use a VPN on the Fire TV as you can choose which country's service to access by choosing a server in that country, but Amazon’s Prime Video content also varies from region to region. There are also other streaming services such as BBC iPlayer and Hulu which only work in the UK and US respectively, so a VPN lets you watch shows when you're in a different country (but you'll still need a subscription or login).

The other popular use is of course Kodi, and it's many controversial add-ons. Using a VPN hides your identity and activity, and so protects you while you use Kodi.

Note: You should be aware that watching content from a country in which you do not live is technically against Netflix and Prime Video's terms and conditions. We don’t condone this, and are merely providing the information explaining how to do it. Also, using your Fire TV Stick to access copyrighted content for free is against the law.

Can I use a free VPN?

You can certainly try. But you'll find that either there's no server available in the country you need, or the connection is too slow, or the amount of free bandwidth - the amount of data you can stream over the VPN connection - is too limited for video.

That's why we recommend choosing a paid-for VPN service from our roundup of the best VPN services for Fire TV.

How do I install a VPN app?

The easiest way to get a VPN is to install an app from the Apps section on the Fire TV. There are more choices than ever and you'll find NordVPN, ExpressVPN, PureVPN, CyberGhostIPVanish, VyprVPN and others on the 2nd-generation Fire TV Stick or newer. 

You can use the links above to sign up for an account at one of these three services if you don't already have an account. Do this on your laptop, PC or even phone as it's a hassle to use the on-screen keyboard with the Fire TV remote. And some services don't let you create an account via the Fire TV app: you can only log into an account that is already set up.

Then, use the search facility in the main Fire TV menu and enter 'VPN' in the search box.

How to install VPN on Fire Stick

Press the select button on the remote to choose an app.

How to install VPN on Fire Stick

Installing the app of your chosen service is as simple as clicking the 'Get' button and waiting for it to change to Open.

How to install VPN on Fire Stick

When you launch the VPN app, enter your login details. Select the country or server you want to use and look for a button to enable the VPN. Once the connection is established you should get visual confirmation. At that point you can go back to the main menu and launch Netflix, Kodi or look for the Amazon video you want and begin streaming.

How to install VPN on Fire Stick

As far as that service is concerned, you're now located in whichever country you chose in your VPN app.

How can I use a VPN service that doesn't have an app?

If you're willing to do some extra legwork, it's possible to use other VPN services with the Fire TV even if they don't offer an app in the store.

One way is to find the Android .apk file for the app you want and side-load it onto the Fire TV Stick. Often you'll find this made available direct from the VPN provider's website, which is the safest place to get it.

The snag is that you might have to create a short link to save having to type in the full URL of the .apk file using the Fire TV's remote control. We recommend for this. It's free and doesn't ask you to create an account. You'll need to do this on a PC or laptop first.

On your Fire Stick, use the search function and search for 'Downloader'. You can install the Downloader app which is necessary to download the .apk file to the Fire Stick.

Run Downloader and enter the tiny URL you created earlier. The VPN APK file will download and you should see a prompt to install it. After that, it's the same process as before: launch the app, sign in with your details (create an account with the VPN service on your PC or laptop if you haven't already done so). 

Just bear in mind that the app is likely to have been designed for a phone screen, not your TV, so may appear sideways.

Pick a server in the country in which you want to stream video, and enable the VPN connection.

With any VPN running, your IP address will show you as being located in the country you’ve selected and you should be able to access all content that’s available there.

Do I need to change the country on my Fire TV Stick?

This will depend on the method you're using. If you've installed an app, you shouldn't need to change the country. However, if you want to check out Amazon Prime Video's offering in, say, the US and you're in the UK, here's how to do it.

First, make sure that the Amazon account via which you watch Prime Video is set to the country in which the content is available (or that you want to browse). So, if you live in the UK and want to watch US content, change your account to US.

Use a web browser to go to, sign in and then click on the Your Account link at the top-right.

Now scroll down to the Digital Content section and click the first link: Manage your Content and Devices.

How to use a VPN with Fire TV Stick

Click on the Settings tab (to the right near the top) and then on the Change button next to Current country.

You can’t simply change the country setting to United States and click Update, though. You’ll need to enter a valid address and zip code.