The Premier League season might be over but there’s plenty of American sport to watch and in the NHL ice hockey, the final in nearly upon us. Here’s how to watch the Stanley Cup Final online in the UK and outside the US or Canada.

NHL Stanley Cup Final: UK dates and times

After hotly contested play-offs, the Vegas Golden Knights and Washington Capitals are into the Stanley Cup Final - for the first time. So the winner will claim its first ever Stanley Cup.

Here's when to watch the final matches - seven in total - in the UK:

  • Game 1 - Tuesday 29 May, 1.00am BST
  • Game 2 - Thursday 31 May, 1.00am BST
  • Game 3 - Sunday 3 June, 1.00am BST
  • Game 4 - Tuesday 5 June, 1.00am BST
  • Game 5 - Friday 8 June, 1.00am BST
  • Game 6 - 11 June, 1.00am BST
  • Game 7 - 14 June, 1.00am BST

Stanley Cup schedule

How to watch Stanley Cup Final live stream in the UK

In the UK, there are no regular TV channels that show NHL ice hockey so you'll need to tune in via other methods. Premier Sports shows NHL in the UK but the Stanley Cup Final will be blocked until 24 hour after each game.

In Canada, CBC is broadcasting a live stream of the Stanley Cup Final online for free making it your best shot at tuning in. So when a game is on you can head to the website to watch. You’ll need to use a VPN so the website thinks you are browsing locally.

We recommend NordVPN but you can read more about VPNs and choose one from out best VPNs round-up.

NBC has the rights to broadcast ice hockey in the US but to watch a live stream via the website you'll need not only a VPN, but also a valid cable subscription log in that includes the channel. So unless you have a kind contact on the other side of the pond, that’s not a great option. is another option but you'll need to subscribe for $19.99 and then use a VPN to browse from somewhere where Stanley Cup Final games are not blacked out such as Netherlands.