Can it even be called a boxing match? Sure, Floyd Mayweather is one of the all-time greats, but UFC champion Conor McGregor’s challenge means this isn’t a traditional bout.

What is certain is that it’s big news, and the whole world will be watching.

There are a few ways to watch, but it’s not as easy as ordering a Sky Sports Pass from Now TV like it is for most events

You can even access the fight if you're on holiday abroad. Click here to see how!

When is the fight?

The fight will take place in Las Vegas on Saturday 26 August. Times are still unconfirmed but it will be a very late one - from around midnight and beyond into Monday morning - for UK viewers.

If you're on holiday abroad you may be able to access the fight using a VPN. Find out more here.

How to watch if you have Sky Sports

If you have a Sky Sports subscription, you’ll still need to purchase the fight as it is showing on the Sky Box Office channel.

Click here to order the fight for £19.95/€24.95

Use this link if you want to watch it through your Sky set top box.

How to watch on Now TV

You can watch the fight if you have a Now TV box by ordering for the same price via the below link. You cannot watch through the Now TV app or simply but purchasing a Sky Sports pass from Now TV.

Click here to order the fight for your Now TV box

If you want to buy a Now TV box to take advantage of this, order one here but remember it might not arrive in time for Saturday 

You might be better off picking one up from a Currys or Argos store.

Once you’ve ordered the fight, you’ll need to download the Sky Sports Box Office app onto your Now TV box. Find it in the App store on the device.

You can’t watch the fight via the Now TV app, it has to be the Sky Box Office app.

Be aware that if you order the fight via this method, you’ll be able to watch the fight on your phone or tablet via the Sky Sports Box Office app.

Download the app for iPhone or iPad here

Download the app for Android smartphone or tablet here

How to watch on PC or Mac

You can watch the fight on your PC, laptop or Mac even if you don’t have a Now TV box or Sky Sports.

Click here to sign in or create a Sky Box Office account and purchase the fight

Simply follow the instructions in your purchase confirmation email to watch.

How to watch if you're on holiday abroad

You can still access your UK Sky account if you happen to be abroad by using a VPN. A VPN is a service that allows you to see location blocked content from anywhere.

Click here for your best VPN options for the fight.

You could even go to the cinema

Vue cinemas will even be showing the fight live on the big screen. Click here to check out a venue near you and book tickets, which cost from around £20.