Facebook has made its Timeline feature available to all members of the social network across the world. The feature, which was first announced in September, is designed to collect all a user's best moments in one place so they can be shared easily.

You can select which posts, photos and activity appears in the timeline and for the first-time ever you can also add memorable Life Events such as moving home or getting married. Here's how to access and customise your Facebook timeline.

Step one
Start by opening a web browser and visiting Facebook's Timeline page. Now press the Get Timeline button at the bottom of the page. If you're not already logged in, you'll be required to enter your email address and password.

Step two
You'll now be presented with your Timeline. Your profile picture remains in the top left-hand corner of the screen, but you'll also be able to select a 'Cover' or a larger image that will run across the width of the screen behind this. Facebook says this should be "a unique photo from your life". Press Add a cover and then either select from photos you have recently upload to the site or press View albums to choose a photo you've been tagged in or one from an album already available on your profile.

Step three
Underneath the Cover is an area where you can access your friends, photos, likes, apps and even a map that allows you to see all the places you have 'checked-in' or tagged yourself at. Press the drop-down menu with a number next to it (this indicates how many of these icons you have but can't see). To access any of these items simply click on the icon itself.

Step four
Also located here is the Update Info button that allows you to view and access your personal information such as date of birth, hometown and relationship status, along with your Activity Log. The Activity Log allows you to review and choose who sees everything you've shared on Facebook, from the present day right back to the day you joined the site. To adjust who can see a comment, photo or post, simply press on the icon located to the right of the item and select an option from the drop down menu. For example, you can add a location to a post, change the time it was posted or even hide it from your timeline. It's worth noting, if you've commented on someone else's status or photo, you can't specify which people can see this. Instead you can choose between allowing the activity to be displayed on your timeline to delete the comment.

Step five
The Status bar that allows you to post to your own wall can be found to the left-hand side underneath the area where the apps are located. From here you can also add a Life Event. These are important and memorable events in your life, such as getting married, changing your job or even buying a house. To add one, simply click on Life Event and then choose from five categories such as Work and Education and Family or Relationships. Now pick one of the options displayed or use Other life event if the activity you want to add is not listed. You'll now be given the ability to add dates, the location, people it happened with, the story behind the event and even photos. Press Save for the changes to be accepted.

Step six
Underneath the Status bar lies the Timeline itself. Simply scroll down to review all your activity on Facebook, such as posts, photos you've uploaded or been tagged in and even likes. Alternatively, you can use the dates located on the far-right hand side to jump back to a specific period in time.

Step seven
To edit or remove a post, photo or activity from your Timeline, simply click on the pencil icon in the far right-hand corner of the post and select Hide form Timeline. It's worth noting that this won't remove the post from your profile. To do this, you'll need to select Delete post from the same drop down menu. Pressing the star icon next to pencil will 'feature' a post so it takes up the entire width of your timeline.

Step eight
Finally if you want to see how your timeline appears to other people, press the Cog icon to the bottom right-hand side of your cover picture and select View as. Then simply type your friend's name in the box at the top left-hand side and you'll be able to see what they can see.

Step nine
Once you're happy withy your timeline, press the Publish now button at the top of the page. It's worth noting that once you upgrade to Timelime you have seven days to edit your timeline before it becomes viewable to others (in the mean time they will be able to see your existing profile). If you don't press the Publish now button, Facebook will automatically set it live once the seven days are up.