The web is a great place to air your opinions. Whether you comment on other people's opinions or set up your own blog, it affords us the opportunity to interact with like-minded people and those with differing opinions. And don't forget: the PC Advisor Forum is the largest technology web forum in Europe. See also: 50 great websites and services for 2009.

Convince Me

The idea of Convince Me needs little explaining: it's similar to a school debating society, with a range of debates you can join and a few basic rules such as only being able to make one substantive point and then defend it. We like the idea of the ‘King of the Hill' debate, where you win only by persuading every other participant.

Convince Me

Convince Me

Economist Debates

The Economist is a highly respected political publication, but it's not afraid to speak out and be controversial. Its website lets readers get involved in the arguments for and against matters of the day.

Discussions follow the Oxford Union format and you can alter your vote as many times as you wish. The debate is live depending on the efficacy of the arguments.

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10 Downing Street

Got a burning question you want to ask the Prime Minister, or an issue you feel so strongly about that you want to raise awareness with your fellow Brits? If so, Number 10's website is the place to do it.

You can pose your question to Gordon Brown either by email or via YouTube, thanks to the government's own channel on the video-sharing website.

Alternatively, you can create a petition and ask friends, family and any other supporters you can drum up to sign and then submit it to Number 10.

50 great websites and services for 2009:

See also: 50 great websites and services for 2009

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