The regular season is a dishearteningly long way off, but the NFL off-season is more exciting than most. Namely because of the draft system which introduces new players to the league. Here's how to watch NFL Draft coverage in the UK.

What is the NFL Draft?

In simple terms, the draft is where NFL teams take it in turns to pick college players who are graduating to the NFL.

The team with the worst win to loss ratio from the previous season gets to pick first with aim of keeping the league balanced. This year the Cleveland Browns have the first overall pick.

However, it can get complicated as teams can trade picks for players or even picks in future drafts.

When is the NFL Draft 2018: Dates and times

The dates for the NFL Draft this year are 26 - 28 April so it takes place over multiple days.

Since we're a number of hours ahead because of time zones, the NFL Draft actually starts very early in the morning of 27 April in the UK. Here are the BST times for all three days.

Day 1, 27 April: 12:30am - 5am
Day 2, 28 April: 12am - 5am
Day 3, 29 April: 7pm – 12am

How to watch NFL Draft TV coverage in the UK

Those above times are when the NFL Draft will be shown live on Sky.

You can watch on the Sky Sports Action channel. There will also be a Day One review on 27 April at 10:30pm on the same channel and a Day Three review on 28 April at 7pm on Sky Sports Arena.

Furthermore, a full draft review will be shown at 6:30pm on 2 May on Sky Sports Action.

If you're not a Sky customer with sports channel, you can subscribe to various Sky Sports Passes on Now TV in order to watch, starting at £7.99.

However, you can also watch using the NFL Gamepass which is available on various devices and you can get a subscription starting at £9.99. The Gamepass will show every pick live and you can also watch on-demand.