Sign up for an account at MySpace will issue you with a numerical site name, but once signed in you can select a more memorable one. We chose However, you can alter this only once. If your chosen name is taken, think carefully about the URL you want.

MySpace walkthrough 1

You need a small picture (600KB) for your profile. This can be a picture of you, your company logo or something abstract. Open your image in your image editor and select Image, Resize, Image size, then reduce the resolution to 72dpi and the width to 10cm. Upload the image to MySpace and set it as your default picture.

MySpace walkthrough 2

Now let’s make some friends. We found the MySpace page of our sister magazine Digit, and clicked Add to Friends. If Digit accepts, the sites will be linked. When someone wants to be your friend, a ‘New friend requests’ notifier will appear – click Accept
or Deny. You can remove them later if you change your mind.

MySpace walkthrough 3

It’s nice to make your page look individual but coding is a hassle. Thomas’ MySpace Editor ( did the hard part for us. Choose the elements of the page you want to change, such as the text colour, select code, then copy-and-paste the text provided into the ‘About you’ section of your Edit profile.

MySpace walkthrough 4

To add a background, resize your chosen image as before. But this time we want it to fit the average monitor: 1,280x1,024 pixels. Upload it to – you’ll need a Yahoo account, then select Upload Photos, Choose Files – or the photo-sharing site of your choice (see for suggestions).

MySpace walkthrough 5

Flickr will provide a URL for your picture, which you should copy-and-paste into Thomas’ MySpace Editor. Viewers with large screens will see a gap around the edge of the image, so change the background colour to something similar. And experiment with colours to make the text boxes stand out. J

MySpace walkthrough 6