We’re going to use Actinic Catalog to set up an online shop to sell your wares. Start up Catalog and click on the Content tab if that section doesn’t load automatically. The Content Tree displays products in your store. Double-click the pink tutorial strip for extra help in customising your store.

set up web shop 1

To add a product to your store, right-click on a section under Online Catalogue in the Content Tree and select New Product. In the bottom of the main window, enter two descriptions of what you’re selling – one brief, one longer – and a price. Click Browse next to the Image field to add a picture, then hit Apply Changes.

set up web shop 2

You format text and graphics from the same Product Details pane. Select any text you wish to modify in the Full Description field and change font, size or colour. You can also add bold or italic formatting. Click Extended Information to generate a pop-up
page with additional text or images, then hit Apply Changes.

set up web shop 3

To preview your page in a browser, go to Web, Offline Page Preview. To view the site, choose Web, Offline Preview.
This generates pages for the entire website and stores them as a local cache for you to test and navigate. This way you can check links are working before your site goes live.

set up web shop 4

Catalog uses CSS (cascading stylesheets) to modify the look and feel of your site, but you don’t need to know any code
to change the appearance of your store. Go to Design, Themes and select a style from the top box, then a colour scheme from the settings below. When you are satisfied, click Apply.

set up web shop 5

If you want more control over site design, click on Advanced Themes Configuration. This allows you to mix and match graphics, buttons and colours and offers more precise placement for elements such as navigation bars. Under the Page Layouts tab, click a drop-down list and select an order that matches your design.

set up web shop 6

To add text or images, click the Content tab and make changes in the Details panel. If you understand HTML (hypertext markup language) and CSS, you can alter layout by clicking the Design tab and selecting elements from the Design Tree. There’s an HTML tutorial at tinyurl.com/4mwq8.

set up web shop 7

Catalog offers a wide range of payment options; one of the simplest is PayPal. To set this up, go to Settings, Business Settings and click on the Payment and Security tab. Choose PayPal Website Payments from the drop-down list. Click Configure Method and enter your Merchant ID to accept payments.

set up web shop 8

To test your site, use the Actinic Trial Server. Go to Web, Update Website and click the link for a trial account, then enter your username and password (these will be emailed to you) in the dialog box. Files upload automatically (shown above); view them by going to Web, Browse Website.

set up web shop 9

To upload pages to your own site (above right), you’ll need to know the FTP (file transfer protocol) address where Actinic stores a folder called ‘acatalog’. Armed with this information, go to Web, Configure Web Site Details and enter your details. From now on, you can use the Update Website link to copy files online. J

set up web shop 10