First, we’re going to set up a account. Go to and hit Get Started. Enter your details including a unique username, then click register. Await your verification email to prove that the address you’ve given is legitimate, then complete the registration process. walkthrough 1

For convenience, you can install toolbar buttons that will enable you to bookmark pages straight to Click Install Buttons Now and follow the wizard to install and set up your buttons. Internet Explorer hides them by default. To show them in your toolbar, go to Tools, Toolbars and tick ‘’. walkthrough 2

When you navigate to a web page you like, click on the TAG icon to add it to your saved database of links. In Internet Explorer, the drop-down menu under ‘’ provides various options, including saving the link and visiting your bookmarks;
in Firefox, the lefthand icon simply takes you to your links. walkthrough 3

After hitting TAG (or ‘Bookmark this on’) you will be shown the screen above, where you enter brief comments that will remind you (and tell others) what the link holds. More important is the tags field, where you should type keywords. This is vital for searches and is discussed further on page 124. walkthrough 4

Some websites (including simplify social bookmarking by including a button that will automatically take you to the tags screen we looked at in the previous step. If you like the look of this, turn to page 125 for instructions on creating a button for your site. walkthrough 5

After a bit more browsing, you can return to your list of bookmarks by navigating to the home page and clicking on ‘your favourites’ or simply pressing the lefthand icon in the toolbar. You can then access your bookmarks from any PC by visiting this site. There are various viewing options on the right. J walkthrough 6