There's nothing worse than sending an email to someone, but it goes unanswered. You can never be sure if they've overlooked it or they're away on holiday and without access to email. However, an Out of Office Assistant, which automatically responds to any emails recieved with a pre-written message, is a great way to let your contact know you're away and not ignoring them. Here's how to set-up an Out of Office assistant in Gmail.

Step one
Sign in to Gmail, then from the settings menu (depicted by the image of a cog) on the right-hand side choose Mail settings.

Step two
Scroll down to the section labelled Out of Office Autoreply and tick the box next to the 'Out of Office AutoReply on' option.

Step three
Now select the day you want the Out of Office to start by clicking in the date box and then using the calendar that appears to pick the correct date. If you want an end date for the Out of Office, tick the box next to ends and then using the same method as just described, select an end date.

Step four
Enter the subject line you want the Out of Office email to have and then type a message in the box below. You can also elect to have the Out of Office email sent to just your contacts, by checking this box (located below the message box).

Step five
Press Save Changes at the bottom of the page and your Out of Office Assistant will be switched on and will begin on the date you selected.

Step six
To turn the Out of Office Assistant off at any point, check the box next to the Out of Office Assistant Autoreply off.