eBay’s Want It Now (pages.ebay.co.uk/wantitnow) promises to do for reverse auctions what its parent site did for traditional (forward) online auctions. Simply sign up and list a Want It Now requirement. Then watch as sellers bid against each other to drive down prices for your custom.

eBay walkthrough 1

Click the ’Post To Want It Now’ button and sign in. You’re taken to the posting page where you must enter the details of what you want to buy and select a category for it to be listed under. It is best to be as specific as possible about what you require. Add a picture if you think it will help keep offers relevant.

eBay walkthrough 2

After a listing is posted it is active for 60 days. During this time potential sellers have time to respond to your request. You can log on to your eBay account at any point to check for any suitable offers. You can then select the person or company offering the best price. They pay the postage, too.

eBay walkthrough 3

Sellers respond to items by searching for relevant items or browsing through various categories. They can then click the Respond button and list an item to sell or enter the eBay item number if it’s already listed. Depending on which option they choose, they’d either click ’Sell your item’ or ’Respond to post’.

eBay walkthrough 4

As sellers post their responses they’ll be listed with a time left for bidding to take place or, if the option has been selected, the opportunity to Buy it Now. In either case, an email message is sent to the potential buyer who is then free to contact the seller or place a bid in the usual manner.

eBay walkthrough 5

When you get an offer at an acceptable price, click on the seller’s link and then the Buy it Now button. From here, you’ll be asked to confirm the quantity that you wish to purchase and then enter your PayPal details to complete the sale. You can view user feedback on the seller before you buy. J

eBay walkthrough 6