Techies aren't known for their romantic prowess. When it comes to matters of the heart, do net addicts stand a chance at wooing their true love?

As Valentine's Day approaches, Brits will be focussing their attentions on matters of the heart.

However, techies aren't particularly known for their romantic prowess. When it comes to matters of the heart, do net addicts stand a chance at wooing their true love?

Well yes, it would appear. According to research by, IT workers and 'geeks' are the most romantic of all professions when it comes to buying gifts for their partner.

The gift experience website also revealed that 46 percent of IT workers are hoping to buy their other half three or more presents on the most romantic day of the year, while 32 percent were planning to head to the kitchen and cook their partner a slap-up meal to show them their love.

Furthermore, a whopping 82 percent said were considering proposing to their beloved on the most romantic day of the year.

"This research has shown that certain professions can have a level of influence on what kind of gifts that they are likely to get I think that this is reflective on the jobs that allow people to be more creative like IT workers, musicians and interior designers," said Rob Holmes from

And while its clear that tech fanatics are secret smoothies when it comes to wooing the opposite sex, is being a gadget-lover a turn-off?

According to - the answer's no. Research by the gift website found that self-confessed 'geekettes' (that's females with an interests in technology to you and me) who were single admitted to going on an average of 14 dates in the past year, five more than single gals that didn't love gadgets as much.

The website also said that 61 percent of men said they preferred 'geekier' girls because they were more likely to be interested in the same things, such as gaming, technology and gadgets.

"It seems that women who show the keenest interest in technology are not only the most outgoing in terms of dating, but also the most preferred by men," said Zak Edwards, Managing Director of

"Maybe the saying 'blondes have more fun' should be changed to 'geekettes have more fun!'."

It's possible that 'geekettes' may be going on more dates, because they're widening their social circle and meeting people through social networks or online dating sites, rather than the more traditional methods of in pubs and through friends.

Once seen as a last resort, dating websites have gained a some credibility with singletons. According to ComScore, online dating sites drew 22.1 million unique visitors in December 2008.

According to web hosting company Peer1, 92 percent of Brits admitted they will going online this year to find their valentine. Furthermore, 41 percent said they were more likely to find a date online, than in a bar or through friends.

Dating site revealed it has already seen a traffic increase of 62.5 percent on the since December last year, and expects to hit 80 percent by Valentine's Day.

"Each year we see a huge post-Christmas rush of single people looking to make their New Year's resolution of a new partner for Valentine's Day come true," said Martin Bysh, MD of

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