Web browser's have a default search engine that allows users to search the web without navigating to a search engine. However, if you search of preference isn't the default, don't panic. It is possible to change it.

We've already shown you how to change your default search engine in Mozilla's Firefox 4 and Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9, but here's the process Google Chrome users need to implement to be able to use the search engine of their choice.

Step one
From the tools menu, which is accessed via the spanner icon in the top right-hand corner, select Options.

Step two
Scroll down to the section labelled Search and then click the box to display a drop down menu of other search engines supported by the browser. Select the one you want.

Step three
However, if the search engine you want isn't listed, press Manage search engines button.

Step four
In the other search engines box, type the name and URL of the search engine you require. When finished hover the mouse over the search engine in the listing and click the blue 'Make Default' button that appears.

Step five
If the 'Make Default' button doesn't appear, you'll need to edit the URL you've entered for the search engine. Open a new window in the browser and search for anything using the search engine. Copy the URL, then paste it into the relevant box in the Manage search engines window. Remove the search term in the URL and replace it with %s. The Make Default button should now appear.