Facebook recently revealed it is to give social networkers the ability to automatically publish their status updates on Twitter. Micro-blogging site Twitter already offers the reverse function (automatically post tweets to your Facebook page) and it's a great time-saving process for companies and brands as you only to publish updates once, rather than logging in to separate social networks and then re-writing the posts. We're still waiting for Facebook to roll out the feature, but for now, here's how to implement it on Twitter.

Step one
Go to Twitter's home page and log-in with your username and password.

Step two
Click the drop down menu under your profile icon, located on the far right-hand side of the window, and select Settings.

Step three
Select the Profile tab and then press the Post your tweets to Facebook button.

Step four
If this is the first time you've requested to use the function, you'll be asked to connect your Facebook account with your Twitter profile. Press the Sign in to Facebook and connect your accounts. You'll be required to confirm that Twitter can access your Facebook profile. To do this press Allow and your accounts will be connected. Press Save at the bottom of the Profile page top accept the changes.

Step five
To stop the updates being published to Facebook, simply uncheck the box next to Post your Tweets to Facebook.