Many of us were caught out by the huge demand for tickets for next year’s London Olympics events. The good news is that from today, you can apply for tickets to the London 2012 Paralympic Games. This takes place immediately after the main Olympics in the same venues, so you’ll be able to enjoy the excitement of this once-in-a-lifetime event at the same iconic London 2012 arenas and Olympic venues.

Applications for tickets to the Paralympic Games 2012 are open from today until 6pm on 26 September. Tickets will be allocated on a lottery basis. Successful applications will be notified and payment taken by 31 October.

To apply, you need to create a London 2012 Ticketing account at In order to be able to apply via the UK ticketing service you need to be at least 16 years of age and have a valid Visa card with which to pay for your tickets. The Visa card must be valid until at least 31 October 2011 so payments can be processed. You also need to be resident in the UK or one of the designated European Union countries listed at

London 2012 Paralympics tickets site Anyone resident elsewhere needs to apply for tickets through the National Olympic Committee website of the country where they live.

Assuming you are eligible to apply for tickets via the London 2012 Tickets website, press the ‘Click to get started’. Read through the details of eligibility before pressing the Apply Now lozenge. Note that you’ll be able to choose between a general access day pass or for seats to a specific Paralympic Games event. Tickets for some events also include day pass access to the Olympic site.

Fill out the registration information requested and submit your application. A temporary password will be generated. Once you’ve received this by email, use it to log in to the site and change the password to something more memorable. The current status of your applications will be shown.

London 2012 Paralympics application status Click on 'Apply for London 2012 Paralympics tickets now'. You’ll now see a dropdown list of venues, sports and dates. Decide the events or venues for which you’d like to apply for tickets and click Search to find further details and pricing.

Select a date and session that suits, then scroll down to specify the number of tickets you’d like and the price band. Click Select to add them to your account. You can add further ticket applications now or at a later date, but you will only be able to submit one application using your London 2012 Ticketing account. Paper applications are also accepted, but instead not in addition to the online application. You can apply for Paralympics Games tickets at any point from today until 6pm on 26 September. As with applications for the main London 2012 Olympics tickets, applications for oversubscribed events will be subject to a ballot (lottery). 

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