Facebook made its new-look profile, which has been dubbed Timeline, available to all the social network's members in December this year. Initially, the function, which has plenty of fans and just as many critics, was optional. However, Facebook plans to force all of its users to convert to the new-look profile. As well as featuring a different the layout, some of the ways functions such as photo tagging work in Timeline, differ to the previous versions of the social network.

In the older Facebook profiles, when you tagged yourself in your own picture or a friend tagged you in one of their images, it would automatically appear in the photos of you section and if it was one of the five most recent images to be tagged, it would also appear at the top of your profile, to the right of your main picture. However, now if you tag yourself in an image, it will automatically appear enlarged on your Timeline but if you remove it, it will also disappear from the images you are tagged in.

However with a few simply steps you can keep the image in your tagged photos and still remove them from your timeline.

Step one
Login to Facebook and then select the image you want to tag yourself in. Press the Tag photo button, which can either be found at the bottom of the image, or to the right-hand side.

Step two
Now click on the face you want to tag and in the box begin typing your name. When you're done, press the Finished tagging link on the bottom of the image, or to the right-hand side. The image will now appear enlarged on your Timeline and in the tagged photos. If you click Remove next to the On Your Timeline statement, however, it will be removed from both.

Step three
Instead, head back to your timeline and then click the pencil icon next to enlarged image and click Hide from Timeline. Now your picture will be viewed in tag photos but not on your Timeline.