eBay is today holding a UK-only sale in which you can get 20% off orders above £20 - but it may not be the amazing deal it sounds. Here we explain how to save 20% on eBay today (and why you might not want to). Also see: Best eBay selling tips & tricks

Between 4pm and 10pm GMT today (31 March), eBay is hosting a UK-only sale (you must have a UK PayPal account and purchase from eBay.co.uk) in which items above £20 will be sold at 20% off the asking price.

The maximum discount is £50, and the voucher code can be used only once - make sure you have all the items you wish to purchase in your basket before you check out. (For the full terms and conditions, click here.)

The 20% off eBay voucher code you need is: CUK20

eBay 20% sale: Why you might not get a great deal after all

This isn't the first time eBay has hosted a deal of this type. Last year ahead of November's Black Friday, it was noted that many sellers had increased their prices to make up for the discount.

One visitor wrotes: "All the prices for the PS4 and Xbox One have increased by £50! The iPad mini has gone up by £48!"

While this isn't unusual ahead of a sale, it means that even after the 20% reduction you may still end up paying the market value for an item. Also see: Worst eBay cons and scams

Our best advice is to find a product you want on eBay, then check its price on Amazon and other e-tailers to check how much of a discount you're really getting. If it is the bargain it sounds, go ahead.

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