Facebook made its new-look profile, which has been dubbed Timeline, available to all of the social network's members in December this year. Initially, the function, which has plenty of fans and just as many critics, was optional. However, Facebook plans to force all of its users to convert to the new-look profile. As well as featuring a different layout, some of the ways functions such as viewing and editing photos have changed.

In the older Facebook profiles, if you clicked on one of the images you had uploaded, you could rotate it left or right simply by pressing icons that were located at the bottom of the photos window. However, when viewing images in Timeline, these icons have disappeared. Before you panic, they can be found in a new location, although it'll take you a couple more clicks to rotate an image in Timeline than previously. Here's how to rotate an image in Facebook.

Step one
Login to Facebook and then select the image you want to rotate.

Step two
Press the cog icon in the far top right-hand corner of the image window. This will display a drop down menu that allows you to either rotate the image left or right. This drop down menu now also includes the Download option that lets you save a copy of the image to your hard drive, along with the ability to add a location and date to your photo, delete the image or make it your profile photo. When you've rotated your image, press the cross in the far-right hand corner to close the viewing window and return to the social network.