Google Calendar is an excellent way to keep all of your appointments up to date and synced across virtually all of your devices. Like many similar services it allows you to have multiple Calendars at the same time, so if you want to move from your existing service to Google all you have to do is save your current Calendar as a VCS or ICS file and go through a few short steps. The same is true if you receive an invitation to an event and you want to add it to your schedule. In this feature we’ll show you how.

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How to open ICS or VCS files in Google Calendar: Importing the file

Adding a Calendar or appointment into your Google Calendar is a very easy process. First of all launch the app or go to the website, and also make sure you have your VCS/ICS file to hand. In the left hand column that has the Create button at the top you’ll see various sections. These include the dates of the current month, My Calendars and Other Calendars. Scroll down to the latter and click on the down arrow to the right of the heading. 

How to open ICS VCS file in Gcal

Now a menu will appear and about half-way down is the option to Import Calendar. Select this.

How to open ICS and VCS files in GCal

In the pop-up window that appears you’ll see that there is the option to Choose file and next to it the message No file chosen.

How to open ICS and VCS files in GCal

Click Choose file and then navigate to your saved ICS/VCS file, highlight it and click Open.

How to open VCS ICS files in GCal

You’ll now be taken back to the pop-up menu but with your ICS/VCS file now listed. To finish the process click on Import at the bottom of the screen.

How to open VCS ICS files in GCal

That’s it. Google Calendar will now let you know how many events have been imported into your schedule and you’ll be able to access them all from within the app itself.