Making your own personalised Christmas cards is simple and fast thanks to online greeting card services such as Moonpig, Funky Pigeon, and Snapfish. Why rely on tired old images of Robins and trees when, with a little effort, you can create unique seasonal missives.

The step by step design templates make it very easy to create your card, and you can choose from a range of themes that include humour, traditional, or ones specifically for mums, dads, or grandparents. Just add your own text, or even a photo, to design cards that are far more personal than the ones you’ll find in the shops.

The best part is that you don’t have to wait for the finished articles to arrive at your door, as they can be sent directly to your recipients once you’re happy with the design. There’s also the option to add flowers or a range of gifts to your order if you wish. And do check out our Christmas gift guide if you're looking for inspiration.

How to make Christmas cards

Head to and create a new account (or wait until you're at the checkout at the end). You don't have to use Moonpig - the process is similar on other websites - but for the purposes of this guide, we decided to use Moonpig.

If you’d prefer to design your cards via your phone or tablet there are also iOS and Android apps available in the relevant stores.

make personalised Christmas cards: Step 1

On the main page you’ll see a menu at the top that includes Cards, Flowers, Gifts, and a few others options. Click on Cards, then select christmas cards which is under 'Occasions'.

How to make personalised Christmas cards

Choose a deal or section, then browse through the designs. There are quite a few, ranging from simple, large, single images, up to multiple photos placed within comic designs. Take your time and find one that catches your imagination. Click the Personalise button below a card to begin your design.

How to make personalised Christmas cards

Having clicked on a card to select it you will be prompted to choose which size you would like the card and the quantity. Having made your choice, click the Personalise button.  

How to make Christmas cards online

You start by uploading the image(s) you wish to use for the card. Click on an outline for an image, then select to upload an image from your computer or from Facebook.

How to make a Christmas card

Use the options below the image to resize and move the image you have uploaded to best fit the space available, then click OK and move on to the next.

How to make Christmas cards online

Now click on any text fields to replace the text, or you can leave it as is. Click the arrow on the right to move between pages and update items as you see fit.

How to make Christmas cards online

When you've finished click the Preview button below the image. If you're happy with what you see, click Add to basket.

How to make personalised Christmas cards

Moonpig will offer you the option to send a gift alongside your card, but you can simply click Continue to checkout at the bottom.

You can either have the cards sent to you or directly to the recipient. Make your choice, enter an address, then go through the payment process to check out. That’s it, you’re all done, and the cards are on their way.

make personalised Christmas cards: Step 11