How to install Mozilla Firefox

Here we continue our step-by-step guide to installing a new web browser.

Step 7. You don’t have to stop at installing Chrome. Firefox is a great choice, too. Head to in IE or Chrome and click the green Firefox Free Download button.

How to install Mozilla Firefox 1

Step 8. You’ll be asked if you want to run or save the file. Choose Run. As with the Chrome installation, Windows’ UAC will pop up and ask for permission. Click Yes and you’ll see a progress bar showing the download and installation process.

How to install Mozilla Firefox 2

Step 9. Firefox will run automatically, and you should be asked if you want to import bookmarks from one of the other browsers which are installed. It’s up to you whether to do this or not.

How to install Mozilla Firefox 3

Step 10. Like Chrome, Firefox can synch bookmarks and other data with your other computers running Firefox. Click the drop-down menu (the orange Firefox button) and then Set Up Sync… You’ll need to create a free account with your email address and a password.

How to install Mozilla Firefox 4

Step 11. Firefox is supremely customisable. From the drop-down menu, click Add-ons to browse the list of extensions. You can also enable themes to change the look of the browser from the same place.

 How to install Mozilla Firefox 5

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