Facebook introduced the Download Your Information feature, which allows social networkers to make a copy of all the their data stored on the site, in 2010. The function lets Facebook members make a copy of everything they have shared on the site from posts and photos to their friends lists and even message. Furthermore, because the data is likely to contain sensitive information, Facebook has ensured a copy of all your information can only be downloaded once you've confirmed your password.

Here's how to download a copy of your Facebook archive.

Step one
Log into your Facebook account and from the drop down menu next to Home, select Account Settings.

Step two
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the link marked Download a copy of your Facebook data.

Step three
From the window displayed, press the Start my archive button in the centre of the screen. Facebook will begin compiling your archive and you'll be informed that you'll be sent an email when it's ready to download. Press Ok to this notification.

Step four
When your email arrives click the link to access your download. It's worth noting it took nearly two hours before our download had been generated and our email sent. You'll be asked to enter your Facebook password before you can access your copy of the data. Press Continue.

Step five
Press the Download archive button to save the Zip file to your desktop. Now open the folder to look at your achieve. Its split into photos, videos and then html files that can be opened in a web browser that offer your friend lists, wall posts etc.