In December last year, Facebook introduced the Subscribe feature that allows you to see the public updates in your news feed even if you're not friends with them. The function also applies to those social networkers you are already friends with as well. However, while this new feature extends the functionality of Facebook, it also comes with a privacy-related downside. Anytime you make a comment on or like a post or photo of one of your friends on Facebook, it will show up in the activity ticker located on the far right-hand side on the main Facebook page.

While that isn't a problem on your own personal Facebook ticket, you'll also find that it'll show up in the ticker of all of your friends on the social network, even if they don't know the person who's post or photo you commented on, even if your privacy settings say photos and posts should only be visable to those you're a re friends with.

Unlike most privacy settings in Facebook, which are controlled by you, the only way to stop this being visible is to ask you friends to change the subscribe options they have for you. However, we recommend you change the options for them and then ask them to do the same for you. Here's how to adjust your Subscribe option on Facebook.

Step one
Log-in to Facebook and then click on the profile of one of your friends (these are now also called your Timeline).

Step two
Hover your mouse over the Subscribed button in the top right-hand corner. From the drop-down menu uncheck the tick next to Comments and likes. It is worth noting if you do this, it won't come up in your ticker if they have commented or 'liked' one of your statuses of photos, along with anyone else's. However, you'll still be alerted via the Notifications icon in the top left-hand corner every time you log in and depending on your notification settings you may also received an email to notify you.

Step three
Now ask your friends to go through the same process to ensure your privacy remains intact.