It might seem a little odd to order flowers online, but if you want to ensure your loved one gets a bouquet on Valentine’s day then there are plenty of great options available. Plus, they’ll always beat the bunch you find at the last minute at a petrol station, with their scent of 4-Star. Here’s how have flowers delivered to your partner or anyone else who deserves a fragrant gift.

Which florists sell online?

There is quite a range to choose from when it comes to ordering online. Most offer similar options when it comes to the flower arrangements, with the classic bunch of roses being a staple, but you can usually include cards, chocolates and wine if you want to add a special touch. 

Popular services we recommend taking a look at include Interflora, Serenata Flowers  and Direct2Florist, the latter of which works with over 3,500 local florists in the UK and around the world.

How to order flowers online

The steps to place your order are very simple. First navigate to the site of your choice, then look for the Valentine’s Day section. This will usually include several deals, with our visit to Direct2Florist revealing single roses with green leaved plants as decorative backing, a collection of different coloured roses in a small canvas bag, a vase of tulips, or the option to let the florist put together an arrangement from the flowers they have in the shop at the time.

Obviously, prices vary significantly depending on what you choose but as a guiding figure the single rose mentioned above was £20/$27.10, the canvas bag of roses £29.50/$39.97, and the tulips will set you back £34.50/$46.74 all of which include delivery.

How to order flowers online for Valentine's Day

Once you’ve added the item to your cart, you’ll be able to enter a message that will appear on the card that accompanies the flowers. If you’re using Direct2Florist you’ll also see which local florist will be providing your bouquet. Should there be more than one, you can select your preferred shop.

Many companies offer same-day delivery (even internationally) if they have a branch near the required destination. But, with demand likely to be high on Valentine’s Day, it’s recommended that you order at least a day in advance so the florists can ensure your selected flowers are in stock and prepared for dispatch.

That’s it. Complete the purchase and your loved one should receive the flowers on the day, making them very happy. If you really want to pull out all the stops, then also learn How to book a holiday online to take a romantic city break in another country. As Audrey Hepburn once put it, ‘The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.’