Working offline in Google's productivity apps is easy, but only if you remember to set it up in advance. 

Note that offline access requires Google Chrome, so if you haven't already downloaded this you should do so now.

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How to access Google documents offline

  • Launch Google Docs, Google Sheets or Google Slides
  • Tap the hamburger menu (three vertical lines) at the top left
  • Choose Settings
  • Toggle on 'Offline'
  • Click Ok

Turn on offline access to Google documents

  • This will turn on Offline mode for all Google productivity apps, not just the one you are currently in
  • Depending on how much storage you have some files will automatically be saved offline
  • To ensure the file you need is available, tap the three dots next to that file and slide on the toggle for 'Available online'

Make Google document available offline

  • You can work on that document offline and Google will automatically sync any changes next time you are connected to the web

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