Looking to get on Google+ but stuck without an invite? A workaround allows current Google+ users to give access to their friends via email, after Google cut off a well-publicized exploit on Thursday. As of this writing the trick described below was still working.

How to get Google+ Invite

The workaround is simple to exploit and requires just two simple steps. Note you, or someone you know, has to already have Google+ access in order for this work. There's also the possibility of Google plugging this hole pretty soon, so you better be quick.

1. Create a new circle (via circles tab at the top of the page) and add to it exclusively people with email addresses who do not have Google+ access. You can add from one person to as many as you need to invite.

2. In your stream, share something (text, photo, link) solely with the new circle (must not be public) you just created and make sure you tick the box saying "Also email X person not yet using Google+".

After a few minutes (depending on Google's server load), each person you added in that circle will then receive an email with the content you shares. After they click the link the email, they can sign up to the service with their Gmail addresses.

One your friends are on Google+, make sure you point them to our Getting Started with Google+ guide, and if you are looking to ditch Facebook, there are also 9 Reasons to Switch from Facebook to Google+.

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