As experts in tech, the PC Advisor team are constantly quizzed by family, friends and even friends of friends about what kit to buy. Chances are, it's the same for you as the resident IT problem fixer in your home.

Whether it's a new laptop, tablet, PC, printer or smartphone, people trust you to give them buying advice. Generally, that's given for free, but now there's a way you can cash in on your recommendations by setting up your own website and telling your friends to buy the kit from you.

Don't know anything about setting up a website? Haven't got time? Well, with, you don't need to know anything about coding, and it will take only a few minutes to set up a site stocked with 140,000 products.

How? Because your site is effectively just a rebranded version of, personalised with your logo and colour scheme. When someone orders from your store, payment is processed by Morecomputers and the team also handles shipping - there's no work for you at all.

Best of all, it's completely free. There are no monthly fees and you'll get 1 percent commission for every product purchased through your site.

It may sound too good to be true, but the only catch is that you don't get paid in cash. Instead, you'll be paid in credit to spend on, but it's still better than nothing. Credit is paid after 30 days, to stop people abusing the system by returning products they've bought.

You can buy from your own shop which means you'll get credit for every purchase. If you buy a lot of kit each year, the returns can be well worth it. Make sure your friends all buy from it, and even recommend it to their friends, and you'll be quids in. Morecomputers' prices are competitive, so you shouldn't find people disappearing to other sites to buy their kit.

We'll show you step-by-step how to create your site, and how you can manually increase prices to get paid up to 13.5 percent commission. That may not be a great idea, though, as you'll simply drive people away when they find the kit cheaper elsewhere.

A site can also be handy for any small business wanting to sell tech kit online without any hassle - it's free for both individuals as well as businesses. If you're selling for business, head to

How to set up your online shop

Step 1. Browse to and click the FREE Get started button. Type in your name, a nickname or a company name and click the Check Availability button. Optionally, you can upload a photo of yourself or a company logo.

Choose shop name

Step 2. Click next and choose from one of the standard colour schemes, or customise your own. You can preview what the site will look like by clicking on a suggested theme. When creating a custom theme, use the colour wheel and square to pick colours.

Choose theme

Step 3. Click next and enter your real name and email address. Tick the box to accept the conditions of use and click next. Enter a password for your account, click next and you'll see your new site's URL. Click the Go take a look! button to see what it looks like.

See your site

Step 4. While you're waiting for your site to be approved, log into your account. Click My Account at the top right of the site, and enter your details in the left-hand boxes. Click the Manage button beneath your shop's URL to see your commission and settings.


Step 5. Click Recommended Products and choose how many products you want to promote on your homepage (up to 20). To make a product appear there so friends can easily find it, click the Add to My Recommended link on the product's page.

Recommend products

Step 6. There are lots of tools to promote your shop. In your Account, click eMail Signature to download various signatures. Click Links & Widgets to copy and paste links in to your Google+, Facebook or Twitter feed, or on a blog or other website.

Links and signatures

Other ways to make money online is an easy way to earn credit to spend on tech kit, but what if you want to make real money online? Unfortunately, there's no magic bullet and no shortcuts. However, there are a few things you can do.


If you have a website, you can sign up for Google AdSense and allow it to place adverts on your pages which are relevant to their content. When people click on them, you get paid. The amount you'll earn depends on the type of ads, how you offer them (via a search on your site, live feeds etc.) and how many visitors click on them. As AdSense is free, the best way to find out if it will work for you is to give it a try.

Amazon has a similar program: Associates. Again, it's free to sign up and when people click links or banners on your site, you'll get up to 10 percent of the value of any resulting sale.

Tech support

You can use your wealth of computing knowledge to help others - and earn cash. Some websites allow you to sign up for free as an expert, and pay you to answer questions. Others, such as Crossloop, offer a way to provide remote assistance to people so you actually work on their computer and fix their problem. You can set your own rates, and offer to provide free quotations.

Yet other sites such as pay you to vote on videos in YouTube, post in forums and other 'micro' tasks. They pay pennies, but if you're comfortable doing such jobs and have plenty of free time, you can earn some extra cash.

Finally, there's always money available in exchange for filling out surveys, writing reviews and articles and even offering translation services - handy if you're fluent in two or more languages.

Click here for a list of websites to check out. Be mindful of scams, though, and thoroughly research your chosen site before signing up.

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