Print Singapore Air boarding Pass

Online checking should be easy, right? It is but sometimes airlines make it harder than it should be.

Take Singapore Air. The Online Check-In process is easy - just add your booking reference and principal passenger surname and it's just a matter of selecting the passengers you want to check in, and clicking a confirmation button.

But when it comes to printing out the Boarding Pass you click Print, and nothing happens. So you click it again and again, and still nothing happens. That Singapore Air boarding pass just won't print.

So how do you get that pesky Boarding Pass to print?

Singapore Air and some other airlines use Pop Up windows to show the boarding pass. So what you need to do is tell your browser to allow Pop Up windows.

This is usually in your web browser Preferences. Safari's Preferences have the option to allow Pop Up windows in the Security field. Firefox in the Content field.

Allow Pop Up Windows in Firefox browser

All you need to do is click off the ticked default preference for blocking Pop Up windows.

Allow Pop Up Windows in Safari browser

Then go back to the Boarding Pass printing page and click Print again. Hey presto, a new browser window or browser tab should pop up and you can merrily print this off.

print airline boarding pass

Airlines, such as Singapore Air, should point this out to stop already frazzled passengers tearing their hair out, and we'll be contacting the major airlines to request they do so.

If you have had this problem with other airlines please comment at the end of this article.

Happy flying!