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  • How to remove a browser redirect virus

    how to remove browser redirect virus

    Here's how to fix your computer when any web search is redirected somewhere you don't want

    09 May 2018

  • How to fix api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll error

    dell chromebook 13 review13

    This error is a common one but it's also quite easy to fix. We show you how.

    08 May 2018

  • How to upgrade a laptop’s Wi-Fi

    how to upgrade laptop wi fi

    We explain how to make the Wi-Fi better on a laptop

    04 May 2018

  • How to turn off a laptop keyboard

    dell latitude 14 review24

    Disabling your laptop keyboard is difficult by design, it's not something you'd want to do by mistake.

    26 Apr 2018

  • How to watch NFL Draft in the UK

    how to watch nfl draft 2018 uk

    Who will your team pick?

    25 Apr 2018

  • How to Fix Spam in Sent Folder

    spam in sent folder

    Here's what to do next when you find messages you didn't send in your email client's Sent folder

    24 Apr 2018

  • How to Stop Autoplaying Video in Chrome

    stop autoplaying video chrome

    A quick and easy way to stop videos autoplaying in your browser

    19 Apr 2018

  • How to Delete Facebook

    delete facebook

    Follow this step-by-step guide to delete your Facebook account permanently or temporarily

    18 Apr 2018

  • How to share files securely

    how to share files securely

    Sharing your files securely is something everyone should know how to do

    18 Apr 2018

  • How to Watch Grand National 2018 Live Online

    grand national 2018

    Your guide to Saturday's Grand National at Aintree

    13 Apr 2018

  • How to Post a GIF on Facebook

    how to post a gif to facebook

    Sometimes a smiley or a meme isn't enough: here's how to post an animated GIF to Facebook

    05 Apr 2018

  • How to watch UFC 223


    While it's not what we were expecting, Holloway vs Nurmagomedov will be a fantastic fight

    04 Apr 2018

  • How to watch Commonwealth Games 2018 online free

    watch commonwealth games 2018 online free

    Catch all the action wherever you are

    03 Apr 2018

  • How to track your cryptocurrency with Delta

    main1 0

    Watching your investments rise (or fall) has never been easier!

    26 Mar 2018

  • How to Disable JavaScript

    disable javascript

    We explain how to disable JavaScript in your browser

    26 Mar 2018

  • How to take a screenshot on a Chromebook

    how to take a screenshot on a chromebook main

    Capture what's on your Chromebook's screen with these shortcuts and tips

    21 Mar 2018

  • How to Change eBay Password


    We show you how to change your eBay password and protect your account

    20 Mar 2018

  • How to change default browser

    how to set default browser in windows

    Choose which web browser opens when you click on links in email and other apps

    20 Mar 2018

  • How to use Coinbase


    Coinbase is one of the most recognized cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, and we take a look at why that is.

    12 Mar 2018

  • How to stop Amazon weekend deliveries

    stop amazon weekend deliveries main

    Make sure you don't miss parcels by stopping Amazon weekend deliveries or by using Amazon Lockers

    12 Mar 2018

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