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  • How to get the best deal on a hotel online

    how to get best deal hotel online main

    Use these tips to save money when booking a hotel online

    04 Sep 2019

  • How to delete cookies and browsing history

    how to delete cookies and browsing history

    Make sure your movements are kept private and hide your digital footsteps

    02 Sep 2019

  • How to use a VPN

    how to use a vpn

    Want to surf the web without anyone following your movements? You need a VPN

    23 Aug 2019

  • How to get more bandwidth on a shared internet connection

    how to get more bandwidth

    Avoid buffering movies and stuttering online gaming with these tips for getting more speed from your internet connection.

    14 Aug 2019

  • How to watch TV on your smartphone


    We’re going to show you how to watch TV for free in the UK on your phone or tablet

    08 Aug 2019

  • How to avoid phishing scams

    how to avoid phishing attacks main

    Ways to spot and foil fake emails that try to trick you into giving away your account details

    07 Aug 2019

  • How to speed up broadband

    how to speed up slow broadband

    How to diagnose and fix a slow internet connection from your ISP

    06 Aug 2019

  • How to Block a Website on your phone, tablet or computer

    how to block a website main

    Prevent accessing to certain websites in Chrome or via your Wi-Fi router

    24 Jul 2019

  • How to share Amazon Prime

    amazon household sharing

    Amazon Prime is £79/$119 per year, but you can share Prime (and the cost) with others

    23 Jul 2019

  • How to get broadband without a landline

    how to get broadband without landline

    Get your home broadband over 4G, 5G, satellite cable and fibre

    19 Jul 2019

  • How to watch The Open 2019: TV and online

    how to watch the open 2019

    Golf’s oldest major returns to Northern Ireland. Here’s how to watch the action

    19 Jul 2019

  • How to watch HBO in the UK

    hbo logo

    Here's how to watch the best HBO shows and films in the UK

    10 Jul 2019

  • Is Sky down?

    is sky down main

    How to find out if there's a problem with your Sky broadband, TV, or mobile service

    08 Jul 2019

  • How to watch Tour de France

    how to watch tour de france 2019

    Tour de France live TV coverage, online and schedule

    04 Jul 2019

  • Amazon Prime Music: everything you need to know

    amazon prime music everything need know

    We explain what you get with Prime Music, how to listen to it and how Music Unlimited is different

    28 Jun 2019

  • How to watch Glastonbury 2019 live coverage

    glastonbury live bbc coverage

    Headliners for this year are Stormzy, The Killers and The Cure

    28 Jun 2019

  • How to watch CBS All Access in the UK

    cbs all access

    How to watch the best that CBS All Access has to offer in the UK

    26 Jun 2019

  • How to watch Queen's Club 2019 live

    queens club tennis

    Whether you want to watch it from the UK or abroad, here's how to watch 2019's Queen's Club tennis live

    21 Jun 2019

  • How to lower your ping

    how to lower ping

    Expert tips to reduce your ping and improve your online gaming experience

    21 Jun 2019

  • Facebook to launch its own cryptocurrency

    libra logo

    Libra will launch in 2020 with an aim to become the world's biggest cryptocurrency

    19 Jun 2019

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