Android phone and tablet users may find that some people appear twice in their Contacts list. This is because of a recent update to the Facebook for Android app. Fortunately, the problem is easy to solve.

QUESTION All my Facebook friends appear twice in my Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone's Contacts list. How can I remove the duplicates? Chrissy

HELPROOM ANSWER This is probably due to a recent update to the Android Facebook app. You may have two sets of Facebook contacts being synched.

Open up your Contacts list on your phone. Under Display Options, look for the section marked 'Select contacts to display'. If you have two Facebook entries in this section, then this is the root of your problem. Samsung's built-in Social hub is already synching your contacts, and so is the updated Facebook App.

You could simply clear the box next to one of the Facebook accounts to hide them. However, the duplicate contacts will still be stored on your phone. Start up the Facebook app and go to Settings. Select Sync Contacts in the Other settings section at the bottom. From here you can select the option 'Remove Facebook data'. Click Done and the duplicate Facebook contacts will be removed. Your Facebook contacts will now be synched by Samsung's built-in Social Hub software rather than the Facebook application.

While we're discussing such duplications, you may like to clean up any duplicates in your Google contacts. This is most easily done from your PC using your browser. Sign into Gmail and click on the word Mail at the top left. Select Contacts from the drop-down menu. Now move across to the right and click on the button marked More. Select ‘Find & merge duplicates' from the drop-down menu. If you're clear of duplicates you will receive a cheerful "Yay! No duplicates" message.

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