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So you've got loads of apps downloaded and installed on your Android smartphone or tablet but can't see how to update them. Find out in our how to update Android apps guide.

Apps are great but updating them is important. From new levels on your favourite games to new features to critical bug fixes and other improvements it's a good idea to keep your apps up to date. Luckily it's not hard so follow our step by step guide.

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You might want to update your apps when it suits you, but you might want them to update as soon as a developer releases a new version. We've got both bases covered in this article so read on for each guide.

How to manually update Android apps

Step OneGoogle Play Store app logo

On your Android smartphone or tablet head to the Google Play Store. If there isn't an icon on your homescreen then check the app menu.

Note: You'll need a mobile data or Wi-Fi connection to access the Play Store.

Step Two

Hit the menu button (three square dots) which is located at the top right hand side of the screen and select 'My Apps'.

Google Play Store menu my apps

Step Three

This menu is where you can see which apps on your device have available updates. You can individually update apps or hit the button at the top to update them all in one go.

You might also a list of manual updates. These apps must be updated on an individual basis. At the bottom of the list you'll see all the apps which are up to date.

Google Play Store My Apps

How to auto-update Android apps

If you want your apps to automatically update when there is one available then this can be done easily via the Google Play Store.

Step One

Like before, open the Google Play Store from your Android smartphone or tablet.

Step Two

Hit the menu button and select Settings.

Step Three

Simply tick the box where it says 'Auto-update apps'.

Note: If you have a limited data plan then we recommend you also tick the 'Update over Wi-Fi only'.

Google Play Store Settings

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