Staying up-to-date with Twitter is quick and easy on a Google Android device such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Social networking has become one of the big attractions for users of mobile devices and the Android operating system provides the perfect backdrop for this. Millions of people around the world are already signed up for services including Facebook and Twitter, with the latter proving to be a real hit with busy people who prefer to make succinct micro-blog statements about their daily lives via simple lines of 140 characters or less that ultimately cut right to the chase.

While Facebook gives users the opportunity to dress up their pages with as much content as they like, including images, video and music, Twitter is far more concise. However, there are plenty of tools that allow anyone with an account to exploit additional features of Twitter to turn their minimalistic posts, known as Tweets, into dynamic and vibrant messages.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab, is a prime example of a mobile social networking powerhouse. It runs the popular Android OS and allows you to enjoy all of the benefits of Twitter on the move, which means being able to monitor incoming Tweets as well as posting your own updates. It’s also possible to create a new account while you’re out and about or manage an existing Twitter profile with ease. The ability to add, edit or remove content instantly from Twitter is one of its biggest selling points and mobile devices allow the service to come into its own.

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy Tab then working with Twitter soon becomes an essential part of your daily routine. If you haven’t already got a Twitter account then there is very little involved in getting one set up. The Android operating system also provides you with a very robust environment in which to do your social networking. Alongside Facebook, it offers a one-stop-shop for your activities while also offering a much more spacious working environment than that found on many mobile handsets and smartphones.

Better still; there is the added benefit of an excellent virtual keyboard that provides a perfect way of keying in your thoughts and musings on Twitter than some of the more miserly keyboards on other mobile devices.

The other bonus with using a mobile device running Android is that you can also download a Twitter app, designed specifically for use on the Samsung Galaxy Tab. If you head to, via the on-board web browser, it automatically displays a mobile version of the social networking site. However, click on the link at the top of the page and you’ll be able to quickly install a free app that will enhance the Twitter experience while you’re working on your Galaxy Tab device.

You’ve got all of the tools of the regular Twitter but the user experience is that little bit better as it has been tailored to work in the tablet environment. Once you’ve downloaded it, the Twitter app is listed alongside your other desktop icons and all you need to do in order to post a Tweet, see other updates or do a little account maintenance, is to tap it with a fingertip and you’re good to go.

Download the app

How to use Twitter on Google Android

Head over to and click on the ‘Download’ link to get yourself the free Twitter for Android app, which will then appear as an icon on your Android desktop.

Launch Twitter mobile

How to use Twitter on Google Android

After tapping to launch you’ll see a slick interface designed for the tablet. If you’re a new user then tap on ‘Sign Up’, while existing users should tap ‘Sign In’.

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