Millions of people have discovered how useful being signed up to a social network can be and Facebook is now the tool of choice for countless users on the internet. Thanks to the increasing popularity of mobile devices, Facebook isn’t just something that you dip into at home or during a lunch break at work either. Tablets, smartphones and regular mobile handsets are all able to run variations on the Facebook theme thanks to software apps that have been developed specifically to suit the confines of these gadgets and gizmos. Right now, there are numerous ways of accessing Facebook on a variety of operating systems, with many methods being ideal for people who are constantly on the move and who don’t have the time or inclination to sit in front of a desktop computer to see what family, friends or work colleagues are up to.

The Android platform is one such OS that makes a perfect home for the Facebook social networking portal, and you’ll find no better place to start enjoying its charms than on the Samsung Galaxy Tab. This is a tablet device that is smaller than, say, the Apple iPad, but offers much of the same functionality. It can be quickly and easily customised with a whole array of software applications, or apps as they’re called for short. If you’re a fan of social networking then one of the first you’ll want to download and install is the Facebook app and it arrives on your Android device with all of the bells and whistles that you’d expect from a dynamic service like this one. The big difference is that it comes in a mobile-friendly guise, so you can stay just as productive within the space of the Samsung Galaxy Tab screen, but carry out Facebook status updates, catch-up with the latest postings, or simply tweak settings and preferences within your Facebook account no matter what your geographical location.
It’s this sort of convenience that is rapidly making the tablet device a firm favourite with folks who no longer want to be tied to computers, but who also want an enjoyable onscreen experience. While many smartphones now have awesome Facebook apps, the extra little screen area afforded by a tablet makes light work of anything social networking related. Better still, you can harness the power of this app with the other tools found on-board the Samsung Galaxy Tab or similar Android powered tablet. There are image-editing tools preinstalled that enable you to add, edit or amend new or existing digital images (which we cover in one of our other tutorials this very issue) ready for uploading to Facebook. Considering that much of the content on Facebook is content driven mainly by images then this is a great partnership and one that can be enjoyed no matter where you happen to be doing it.

Facebook is an essential part of the daily routine for many, but the added benefit of using it on a mobile device like a tablet not only means you’ll be able to be much more proactive, but updates can be done when they most suit you. That’s far better than trying to cram them in between swigs of coffee at breakfast or when you’re too tired to sit in front of a regular computer screen when you get home from work.

Facebook for Android
Download the app

Facebook for mobile devices can be found in the Android Market. Download it and choose ‘Open’, or tap the Facebook icon on your desktop, as this is the quickest option.

Facebook for Android
Logging in

Accessing Facebook is easy. Simply type in your email and password using the onscreen keyboard that appears when you touch the text boxes. Tap ‘Sign Up’ for a new account.

Facebook for Android
Sync with Contacts

Facebook for Android allows you to ‘Sync friends with Contacts’. Simply tap which of the options is most useful to your needs. You can change this later in Facebook settings.

Facebook for Android

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