Whatever else you do with your Google Android tablet, and there are plenty of options, you are going to want it to know the current time and date. That information is very important. It is used by a range of applications. For example when you open the calendar on your tablet it automatically goes to what it thinks is today.

If your tablet thinks today is 3 March 2006, then that’s the day it will go to. You can see immediately that this is not particularly helpful if you are a keen user of the calendar. It makes seeing upcoming appointments and adding new appointments into the calendar something of a chore.

There’s a similar issue with the time. If your tablet thinks it is 6pm when it is really 3pm, then you can’t really use any time related applications. Even something as simple as an on-screen clock widget or an alarm becomes completely useless. There’s very little point in setting a wake-up alarm for a time that your tablet might think is correct but which is, in fact, way off the mark. Fortunately setting up the time and date are extremely straightforward and you’ve got both manual and automatic options.

There is another vital setting you can make with your Android tablet – a security passcode. This might not seem like a very important thing to do when you first get a tablet, but after a while your tablet will come to contain quite a bit of personal information such as emails and texts that you might not want to share with everyone, as well as contacts, photos, documents and other data.

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You might even use your tablet to store really personal information like passcodes to bank accounts. There are third party applications designed to manage this kind of information and the best of them are all themselves password protected, but it does no harm at all to add an extra layer of protection that pops up as soon as your tablet is switched on.

When it comes to password and passcode security your Android tablet gives you several options to choose between. You can opt for a login password or PIN both of which are great in this situation. Some people have trouble remembering passwords and PINs, though, and there is a third option which might be easier. You can opt for a pattern drawn on a 3 x 3 grid with a fingertip.

All three different methods of protecting your Android tablet from prying eyes are easy to set up, and once you’ve gone through the straightforward process you can rest assured that only you have access to the data and applications stored on your tablet.

None of these three tasks, of setting up the time, date and passcodes, take very long to achieve, but once done the first two make your tablet a more efficient and effective device while the third gives you peace of mind on data security.

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Step-by-step: set time and date, set password

Go to Settings

Tap ‘Applications’ to open the main apps menu and then tap ‘Settings’. You may need to sweep with your finger to a new screen of shortcut icons before you can see ‘Settings’.

Google Android Time Date Passcode

Open settings area

Towards the bottom of the screen you’ll see ‘Date and Time’. Tap that. You may need to scroll down to get to Date and Time as it is at the end of the list.

Google Android Time Date Passcode

Manual set

Tap ‘Set time’ and then use the scrollers to set the time. Tap ‘Set date’ and then use the scrollers to set the date. In both cases tap ‘Set’ when you are done.

Google Android Time Date Passcode

Automatic set

If your Tablet supports a SIM card tap ‘Automatic’ to have the time and date set automatically over the air by your network. With this switched on the manual settings won’t work.

Google Android Time Date Passcode

Choose the look

Choose 12 or 24 hour format by tapping ‘Use 24-hour format’. Choose the appearance of date information by tapping ‘Select date format’ then choosing the look you prefer.

Google Android Time Date Passcode

Set a PIN

Go to ‘Settings’ (step 1). Tap ‘Location and security’ then tap ‘Set screen lock’. Next tap ‘PIN’ to set up a pin number for the lock screen.

Google Android Time Date Passcode

Choose the PIN

Tap a PIN number. Your PIN must contain at least four numbers. Make sure it is memorable! When it is entered, tap ‘Continue’ or ‘OK’.

Google Android Time Date Passcode

Confirm the PIN

Now tap in the PIN again and tap OK. Your new PIN is set and it will be used when you log into the tablet next time. Just tap it on the screen then tap ‘OK’.

 Google Android Time Date Passcode