Got a new Google Android phone or Google Android tablets? You probably want to play all your music and video on it, but if you're an iTunes user, you'll find it's not as simple as transferring your iTunes account.

DoubleTwist is an app for Android smartphones that allows you to access anything in your iTunes library for playback on an Android handset. BlackBerry phone users will find built-in support for iTunes, by the way. Download doubleTwist from and allow it to access the Registry (click More details at the warning screen and you’ll see it’s Microsoft-certified).

DoubleTwist Home Screen

Launch doubleTwist and you’ll find a splash screen offering you the option to upgrade to the AirSync version of the app for $4.99. For now we’re going to stick to synchronising our libraries using a USB connection, so click on this option. Plug in your Android smartphone and enable mass storage device access, if required. You may also need to prompt Windows to find your handset by clicking the network scan option in the doubleTwist window.

AirSync upgrade

Use the Pictures, Video and Music buttons on the left of the doubleTwist pane to see what the program has located on your hard drive. You’ll see it has a number of ‘watch’ folders for your user profile, music library and shared music, for example. You can use the doubleTwist Player as an alternative media library. You can also specify iTunes playlists to import by going to the Library dropdown menu and selecting this option.

Import iTunes playlists

Once doubleTwist has recognised your Android handset and worked out what’s stored in the media libraries on your PC, you can choose which items and which types of content you’d like to synchronise. DoubleTwist shows you how much space you have available on your Android phone or tablet, and lets you add more details about the device, if you choose. Music and podcast subscriptions can be synchronised.

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