Now it's easy to manage digital documents on the move thanks to a suite of free to use software tools. Here's how:

Step-by-step: How to edit your documents on a tablet device

1. Launch ThinkFree Office

After tapping on the desktop ThinkFree Office icon the application launches, which for the first run also means you'll have to press ‘Accept' and then tap the ‘Activate now' button.

2. Getting set up

With the program launched you'll find a simple menu. Tap the list button on the bottom-left of the Galaxy Tab in order to configure the program to work as you want.

3. Choose your preferences

Inside the settings area it's possible to select a download folder that will be home to the documents you wish to edit. Tweak other settings here to suit your requirements.

4. Explore My Docs

Tab the ‘My Docs' tab at the top of the interface to see a hierarchical breakdown of the folders, plus files inside. These can take you to any of your documents.

5. Editing text

It's easy to carry out text editing chores and suchlike. For example, use the menu in Google Mail to select some copy and it duly gets pasted to the clipboard.

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