Now it's easy to manage digital documents on the move thanks to a suite of free to use software tools.

One of the great aspects about owning a mobile device is that it'll allow you to stay much more productive, no matter if you're at home or out and about on the move. Not so long ago, working on documents usually meant long hours sat in front of a home or work PC, which was okay if you didn't mind being chained to a desk, but didn't offer much in the way of freedom or convenience.

All that has changed thanks to the advent of mobile computing, with laptops initially getting the ball rolling when it came to editing documents on the go. Laptops are fine for allowing you to stay productive, but they can be cumbersome, whereas truly mobile devices such as much smaller netbooks, smartphones and now tablet PCs have revolutionised our busy lives.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab, which runs the Google Android operating system, is a prime example of a tablet that gives you the ultimate in flexibility for editing documents, no matter what your location. Although it's a relatively small device, the screen area of the Galaxy Tab makes an ideal environment for working on anything and everything, from word processing documents through to spreadsheets. Of course, one of the big selling points of tablet computers is the ability to download and install software applications, or apps, and there are numerous that offer the ability to edit documents on the go.

However, if you're still finding your feet with a Galaxy Tab, or similar Google Android device, then the good news is that there's an application that comes preinstalled on this exciting gadget, which allows you to do any kind of task in relation to working with Office-style documents.

It's called ThinkFree Office and sits in the default collection of widgets that you'll see when you first start exploring the Samsung Galaxy Tab interface. If you don't see it on the first screen when you start up then swipe your finger across the desktop and it'll doubtless be listed on the next page. Using this great little piece of software is also wonderfully straightforward. All you need to do is tap the ThinkFree Office icon and it'll fire up for the first time.

After pressing ‘Accept' for the End User Licence Agreement you'll be able to set up and run the app and get stuck into editing all manner of documents. It's a little bit like being able to take your home or work office with you, pretty much wherever you go. ThinkFree Office is rather similar to productivity software suites such as Microsoft Office or the free open source program OpenOffice, so at its core are the four main program areas that are word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation options that most of us are familiar with and use on a regular basis.

Although it's perhaps not a complete replacement for the multiple options that you can find in those other sophisticated software applications, it is perfect for browsing through documents while you're in transit, and for making handy edits or amendments along the way too. If you've got a deadline looming and little in the way of time, or simply want to dip in and out of documents that need to be tweaked, then launching ThinkFree Office, no matter what the location, can be an ideal way of staying on top of your document processing chores.

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