BlackBerry owners have support for iTunes built in, but users of other mobile platforms aren't so lucky. For Google Android tablets and Google Android phones, doubleTwist is a mobile app that lets you access anything in your iTunes library for playback on your phone. Download it from and allow it to access the Registry.

1 Launch doubleTwist You'll be offered an upgrade to the paid-for AirSync version. We're going to use the free USB synchronisation instead. Plug in your handset and enable mass storage device access if required. You may need to prompt Windows to find your phone by clicking the 'start a network scan' option.

2 Style icons Use the Pictures, Videos and Music icons in the left panel to see what doubleTwist has located on your hard drive. It has a number of 'watch' folders for your user profile, music library and shared music, for example. You can also specify iTunes playlists to import by selecting this option from the Library drop-down menu.

3 Choose your content You can now choose which items and types of content you want to synchronise between your PC and smartphone. doubleTwist shows you how much space you have available on your Android phone or tablet, and lets you add more details about the device. Music and podcast subscriptions can also be synchronised.

4 Adjust settings The easiest option is to synchronise all your music. However, for storage space reasons – or simply because you don't often listen to some artists – you may prefer to select specific albums. The photo tab allows you the option of automatically copying items from your handset to its PC-based library for backup.

5 Sync your music Press the Sync button when you're ready to start copying files. You will need to perform the full synchronisation only once, but your Android device must remain connected to the computer until the process is complete. Future syncs can be limited to 'Recently added' files.

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