If you're one to keep up with Android news, you'll know that Google Duo, the video call app, has undergone many updates. In the latest update, version 34, Duo users can now share their screen. In theory.

That is, it doesn't completely work. In our experience, when we installed the app from Google Play, the screen share icon didn't appear at all. Some have reported seeing grey instead of the shared screen, and others, still, just see a frozen screen.

Here's how you would share your screen on Google Duo if it were to work. Alternatively, we also have an article on how to share your Android screen to your TV.

How to share your screen with Google Duo

Once you start a call, you should see a button above the icon that toggles your camera. Tapping the icon will prompt a notification that lets you know that your screen will be captured. Once you agree, you should be taken to your home screen.

At this point you should see an orange outline around the screen. This indicates what your guest can see. You will also find a floating button with the options to pause or cancel screen sharing.

Again, this is how the feature should work, if it did not glitch – feel free to let us know what your experience has been in the comments. We will update this article once Google resolves the bug in Duo, but in the meantime, here are a couple of alternatives.


Join.me is a desktop and mobile app that's intended for professional use, but is just as good if you're teaching your mom how to send pictures via Whatsapp. The app is free and available on Google Play and on Amazon, though there are premium options as well. You will need to create an account to use join.me. 

Once this is set up, non-premium users can get a one-time use personal link code that launches a new meeting. The screen share does not start immediately however. Like Duo, you must click on the screen share icon (placed bottom right) which again like Duo prompts a notification that your entire screen will be shared. If you want to stop sharing, tap the icon with the join.me logo on the bottom right.

Get the join.me app here.


Zoom is another screen sharing option for mobile (iOS too) and desktop use (Window, Mac OS, and Linux). It's available to download from Google Play Store.

Zoom, again, is geared towards serving teams who need to collaborate remotely. Nonetheless, the app has a tonne of features you could make use of if you just need a quick alternative to share your screen. Note though that it does not share audio.

There are premium plans for Zoom as well, if you are interested in more advanced features or would like to increase the number of hosts allowed in the call. Get Zoom for Android here.