If you're using Google Play Music and want to download songs to your device but your storage is full then don't worry because you can store content on a memory card. Here's how to get Google Music to download to SD card. Read: Best music streaming services.

For a while now, the Google Play Music app has had the ability to download tracks to microSD cards for offline listening. You'll need an Android smartphone or tablet with a microSD card slot and a microSD card with some free space. The feature has been designed for Android 4.4 KitKat but Google said it is available for some older devices in 'experimental form'. So it's worth trying if you have an older device but you may experience problems.

There is an iOS app for Google Music but Apple doesn't offer expandable storage on the iPhone or iPad so this guide doesn't apply. See also: Spotify vs Google Music comparison review.

How to get Google Music to download to SD card

Step One

Open the Google Play Music app on your device.

Google Music app

Step Two

Open the Settings menu which is found in the side bar on the left – either swipe in from the side or tap the three lines at the top-left of the app.

Google Music settings

Step Three

Under the Downloading section of the menu tap on Storage location.

Google Music storage location

Step Four

Now select External from the menu – it will tell you how much free space there is on your memory card.

Note: You can save music to your SD card, but you can't transfer music from your SD card to another device.

Google Music external storage SD card